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Drum Volume Metric

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Drum Volume Metric is simple--providing you with volumes for vertical and horizontal drums, box vessels, and spherical vessels at your specific liquid level, and also at 10%, 25%, 33%, 50%, 67%, 75%, 90%, and of course 100% liquid level. Metric version of this app reports volumes only in cubic meters. The English version of this app is simple called Drum Volume.

RESIDENCE TIME: You can also calculate residence time between two liquid levels and a net liquid flow (in or out of the vessel) and the app calculates the residence time between the liquid levels you set. Flow units used are m3/hr (cubic meters per hour). A volume flow converter is also included in the app.

Volumes reported are in m3 (cubic meters, or "cubes").

For vertical drums, the liquid levels on the strapping chart (10%, 25%, 33%, etc...) neglect the bottom head, so you'll see only the tan-tan liquid inventory, but the overall liquid volume inventories do include the heads.

For horizontal vessels, I'm sure you're asking "What about the heads". Yes, the partially filled horizontal cylinder and partially filled horizontal heads are included. The cylinder equations I used were derived using simple geometry, which just took a long time to figure out. The heads use correlations based on Perry's Chemical Engineering Handbook charts, statistically derived. The R-squared value for the equation use versus the chart values is greater than 0.99999, so the error for the partially filled head volumes is much less than 1%, and therefore, overall, the entire inventory is in error usually by MUCH LESS than 1%.

Heads assumed for both vertical and horizontal designs are semi-ellipsoidal heads. The volume equation used for the heads is: PI * D^3 / 24. If you desire different head designs, send me feedback and let me know.

Also included is sphere strapping charts (enter a diameter only) and box vessels (e.g. an API separator). Both of those also have residence time calculator.

Another feature included is a quick volumetric flow rate converter for conversions between gallons per minute, barrels per day, liters per minute, and m3/hr.