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Diabetes pet manager

iPhone / iPad
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Diabetes Pet Manager helps you take care of your diabetic pet.The app 1) reminds of insulin injection, blood sampling and meals times 2) records symptoms, blood glucose values, weight and meals leftovers 3) provides curves for Blood Glucose Curve, weight and actual food intake 4) contacts your vet by phone or email and provides him/her with a full report of all recorded data.

Specific Notice: is a website dedicated to the Diabetes Pet Manager iPhone app and to the management of diabetes in pets. Please ask your questions there for getting answers from the developer. Please be aware that the developer cannot make comments or replies on the Apple Store page. Diabetes is a complex disease that requires you are well informed. Diabetes Pet Manager has been extensively tested by the developers team for a 3-month period prior to its launch.

What the app does not do !

The app is designed for helping the owner on the long term management of pet diabetes.
- The app doesn't record daily blood glucose concentrations. Instead, we have chosen to guide the owner to producing a Blood Glucose Curve that make's more sense for evaluating the response to the treatment (see for cats and for dogs)
- The app doesn't record daily insulin concentration that doesn't make sense in our view.

What the app does !

Reminds of insulin injection and meal times:

Treatment of diabetes includes daily insulin injections and a special diet, both given at precise times of the day. Accuracy is crucial to the success of the therapy.

Diabetes Pet Manager app can be programmed to notify the owner at these exact times.
- Program insulin injection times: 1 to 2 times a day
- Program feeding times: 1 to 6 times a day

Home monitoring:

Veterinarians often ask owners to monitor their pet at home. Owners have to measure blood glucose, measure weight changes, and note symptoms or abnormal feeding behaviors. Diabetes Pet Manager Application helps owners record this information and email it directly to the cat or dog’s vet.

Records symptoms
- Select and record the symptoms your pet has experienced during the day. They are presented in a list that distinguishes between hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic symptoms
- Receive a special warning for hypoglycemic symptoms

Produces the Blood Glucose Curve
The vet may ask the owner to perform a Blood Glucose Curve on a regular basis. The results should be sent to the vet for interpretation. It will help him/her adapt the treatment (insulin dose and type)
- Program times interval between 2 consecutive blood takings (1,2 or 3 hours)
- Choose blood glucose unit: mg/dL (range 0-500), mmol/L (range 0-30), or g/L (range 0-5)
- Get reminded of each sampling time by the app
- Record data (times of the blood samples & blood glucose values).
- Watch the Blood Glucose Curve in the “Reporting" section
- Receive a monthly reminder to perform a Blood Glucose Curve

Records actual food consumption
- Estimate and record the amount of food leftovers of each meal
- Watch the actual food intake curve in the “Reporting” section

Records weight evolution
- Choose the unit (lbs or kg) for the pet weight in the “My Pet” tab of the “My Vet and Me” section (do it only once)
- Record your pet’s weight
- Watch the weight evolution curve in the "Reporting" section
- Receive a weekly reminder to weigh your dog or cat

Helps contact the attending veterinarian

- Call your vet or send him/her an email with the app
- Upon request, send to your vet a report of all monitoring information

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