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House Troves Free

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“HOUSE TROVES” FREE - Win $10 Cash!

2 Codes have been found!

***We are waiting on the user to respond with the room number and how they found the codes!!!

The $10 is Still Out There and $500 in the Paid Version has yet to be redeemed after 14 Days!

The Paid Version is Live Just Search for House Troves!

Is this a Game for you?
For difficulty purposes to remain intact we have had to limit the functionality we can give to a room without making the maze easy. There is NO fancy shooting, killing, or flying ghosts in this maze.

This is simply not for the FEEBLE minded.

This game has been very well mentally and artistically crafted to be very plausible to win money as the maze grows more difficult at the same time as the prize levels progress.

(1) $10 Cash Prize is Hidden in the Free Version in the form of a 7 Digit Code!

Game Description:
“House Troves” is a complex set of rooms in the form of an advanced algorithm that can be solved “in” and “out” in 14 moves or less by determining the most difficult room in the entire maze to win the Grand Prize of $200.00 Cash! (Paid Version Only).

Many of the rooms in the house have hidden clues that upon clicking will pop up to give you a hint on how to proceed in the current room and ultimately move to the next or a hint if you are close to another prize.

10 active prizes ranging from $10.00 to $200.00 are stashed away in the walls of the “House Troves”! *Only 1 Cash Prize for $10 exists in the Free Version you are downloading.

How many players can win?
Free Version - 1 Player can win $10 Cash on the Free Version, but everyone has a chance at finding and solving the Clues!

Paid Version - 10 Players can win and when a prize has been redeemed the room of the prize WILL NOT be revealed, but we will give credit to the player on the description of our app if they like. No Matter what we will let you know up to the day which prizes have been WON.

*If and When all prizes have been found the app will still remain a mystery to many and a challenge to others as they dare to make it in and out in 14 moves or less or just to sample the Free Rooms or Win a Free $10!

Our Next Version of the “House Troves” App will surely be released soon. Download the Full Version if you like the Free!

Good Luck and Have Fun.

The Full instructions, prize structure, and Contest Sweepstakes Rules are located in the free and paid versions of the app on the Instructions Screen.

Developer - Patrick M.
Designers - Rick Williamson & Kristina Woods
Photography - Alex Rider
Audio - Thomas Prislac Jr. (