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Art of Chinese Characters 2

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
  • Book
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Art of Chinese Characters is an interesting and fun Chinese learning app. You are able to learn the formation and development of Chinese characters and explore the wisdom of ancient Chinese.
The most unique characteristic is to help you find clues in the paintings and dig into the pictograph. Through the way of image connection, you will realize Chinese characters are not just characters made up of unreasonable lines but with pictographic origins and meanings for every stroke. Furthermore, you will learn the most commonly used phrases and practice the stroke writing after the character recognition. These make you pleasantly acquire the knowledge of Chinese characters, the exquisite symbol of Chinese culture. Chinese learning is no longer boring!

The App includes:
Find: Finding Chinese characters in paintings, attracting you and building a reorganization system of Chinese characters.
Learn: Learning meanings, pronunciation, phrases and strokes which include the development of characters making you more impressed.
Practice: Through pairing practice, making sure that you understand the content of the unit well.
Words Bank: Allowing you to search any of the Chinese characters in a short time by listing all of them.

The characteristics:
- 30 unique paintings of Chinese characters
- 153 basic words and at least 200 common phrases
- Convertible systems of both Traditional and Simplified characters
- with Pinyin and English helping you memorize
- Brainchild to learn Chinese character through paintings
- including stroke flash and writing practice
- Proper pronunciation for each word

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