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CommunicoTool is a non-verbal communication application created for children with language difficulties (autism, pervasive development disorders, debilitating genetic conditions) or the inability to communicate verbally for physiological reasons.

CommunicoTool is based on techniques of communicating through the exchange of images and uses pictograms, ideograms as well as sound banks.
CommunicoTool can be fully configured and customized by the support staff and/or the parents of the children using the solution. In addition to the materials provided with the application the software enables photographs to be taken and to be made into pictograms. It can also be used to incorporate all kinds of images and to record corresponding sounds.

In addition to communication through pictograms CommunicoTool also includes:

-A module designed to express and evaluate pain

-A distinct pictograghic module enabling feelings and mood to be expressed

-A complete diary module specifically for recording the child’s past and future activities

Each activity can be subdivided to explain to the child the series of actions which are necessary to complete the task successfully.

CommunicoTool is intended for private individuals (parents, educators) as well as professionals (healthcare managers, psychologists, speech therapists).