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If you and your kids love stories and storytelling, this is the ebook for you! The Dirty Pond is an educational storytelling, drawing and colouring app for kids and children, and helps them:
•Read a story
•Learn words
•Read sentences
•Identify shapes
•Draw freehand and colour
•Colour pages
•Learn the importance of cleanliness, togetherness and teamwork
•Enhance their visual memory
and many more things. Download this interactive ebook and watch the characters come alive as you read along.
The Dirty Pond interactive ebook contains a story that is automatically read out loud in a captivating manner. In order to help kids and children learn to pronounce words, a built-in feature pronounces individual words when the user taps on those words in the story text. As children move through the interactive story, not only do they become friends with a motley bunch of animal characters, but they also learn about the importance of clean water and clean surroundings, taking decisions, appealing to society for change, helping each other in times of need, and much more through activities, drawing, colouring, sketching, etc.

The Dirty Pond interactive ebook contains several built-in fun, educational activities that kids and children would love to do over and over again. A variety of drawing, colouring, and sketching tools, combined with an unlimited palette of colours is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment to your kid. Activities like dialogue recognition and identifying synonyms build cognitive skills, whereas those like writing the moral of the story and sharing it to Facebook help in developing analytical skills, while at the same time being fun, too!

The Dirty Pond interactive ebook is a wonderful learning game for enabling kids and children to pick up a variety of cognitive and developmental skills. This app will keep kids and children busy and constructively engaged for hours at a time, while giving them the building blocks for better, enhanced learning throughout their life.