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Student Aid

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Education
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Student Aid stores all the information necessary for the organization of the educational process. For a few seconds, you will easily find out your schedule, assignments, or can obtain detailed information on the courses. You can not even start the app - it itself will remind you of events in the time specified without having to manually set reminders.

- Quick start. No need to add a semester, course, classes in a strict sequence. From any screen, press + button and add what you need.
- Simple and effective adding classes. You can pick your days on one or specify how to repeat classes, including odd and even weeks.
- Adding searchable notes to any object - course, exam, class, assignment, instructor.
- The system of reminders that does not need to manually set the reminder. They are created automatically for a selected rule.
- Select the building and room for each class or exam.
- Search the entire application: the text notes, and name objects.
- The possibility of customization. Create your own specific types of classes, exams or assignments priorities or use existing ones. Change the order of the items to your liking. Select the type of schedule (calendar or list) and type of assignments (course, due date, priority) which opens by default.
- Simplicity and focus on the essentials. Minimalistic, slim design.

The main functions:
- Keeping the directory of courses. For each course, you can choose an instructor, set a few exams, make a schedule, add assignments. Completed courses are sent to the Archives, where are sorted by semester.
- Wizard classes. With it, you can simultaneously add several similar classes, which greatly simplifies the input of the schedule.
- Ability to add notes to any class, exam, assignment, course, instructor.
- The system of reminders. You do not need to manually set reminders. The application of the selected rule (eg for 1 day at 20:00) will remind you of an event or assignment.
- Ability to create your own types of exams, classes, assignments priorities.
- Global search. Allows you to find courses (including archives), instructor, classes, assignments on their name, or memo.

Small usefulness:
- Set the duration of the classes by default, and the touch expose the time of the event.
- Selected by default priority will be set automatically when you add a assignment.
- In most lists, you can change the order of elements.
- For each class, you can specify in which building and the room, it will be held.
- On the first tab bar icon displays the current date.

Student Aid application will make studying easier!
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