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Get Healthy, Be Happy and Feel Hot: Health Coaching the Wellness Warung way

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This app is for busy women who want to lose weight, get more energy and feel hot in their bodies, without deprivation or dieting.

Download this app to Get Healthy, Be Happy and Feel Hot- in just 90 days. You will also get access to a free health strategy session with a certified holistic health coach.

What other women have said about their success in doing this self improvement work with a certified health coach in order to improve their health:

“It changed my life. It’s not just a diet, it’s about having a plan for a healthy life. It’s about recognizing how and why you do things and having the tools to make better choices.” Lesley D.

“The biggest breakthrough was realizing how important it is to take care of our bodies. I received many examples of ways to make a healthy lifestyle fun with healthy snacks, exercises and recipes.” Rifany Arlianti

This app has been designed by a certified holistic health coach who is walking this healthy path and has achieved the success that you too can reach. The Wellness Warung’s one-on-one health coaching program has been adapted and repurposed into this app in order to reach out to more busy women in the world who need guidance and support to lose weight, be and stay healthy and to have a balanced life.

Improving your health is not difficult when you have the knowledge and support of a health coach. The information you will learn in this app each day for 90 days:

- provides a framework to live the life of your dreams that is rich in joy and nourishment
- offers practical information and actionable tools to create a strong foundation for optimal health
- empowers you with useful health and lifestyle knowledge that you can implement easily
- includes plant based recipes for eating well, and other healthy habit building exercises to help you reach your ideal weight
- offers guidance and daily tips and reminders that are needed to achieve balanced health that lasts a lifetime

Get Healthy, Be Happy and Feel Hot provides useful, actionable daily tips to implement in your life which give you greater insight into your overall wellbeing. Following the easy steps provided each day will help you to lose weight, get more energy, become more informed about nutrition, inspire and motivate you to stay on the path to health and happiness, and keep you accountable through the daily reminders and tips to focus on you and your wellbeing.

You will learn how eating a natural, plant-based diet, doing regular movement and exercise, and developing a nourishing routine will help you to reach your ideal weight and a state of balance where you mind, body and soul are connected beautifully. You will feel joy as your health improves, your outlook on life changes and you are living your life optimally.
Topics covered in this app include:

- Weight Management
- Cravings
- Eating for Energy and Mental Clarity
- Emotional Balance
- Stress Management
- Mindsets for Success

With this app you will be better able to overcome the hurdles and challenges which can prevent you from having reaching your ideal weight and having a balanced life and success with your health in a way that is fun, easy and do-able. The combination of support, guidance, information and motivation are what you need to reach health and happiness and to also continue with a nourished, healthy lifestyle into the future.

If you want to feel amazing every day, be your ideal weight, fit into your skinny jeans, feel confident wearing your bikini, feel beautiful inside and out, have more energy, eat without guilt, overcome cravings, and have a renewed enthusiasm and balance in your life, then this app will help to get you onto the road to wellbeing success.

In health and happiness,
The Wellness Warung