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Use this BirdieMind app to write down your score for a number of crucial shots of the golf game. These shots are performed on the driving range, around the chipping green or on the putting green. So you can use it everywhere.

The fact that you can track statistics induces pressure. This pressure is very similar to the competition pressure. Ideally, you only carry out these exercises once a day: this comes closest to the competition pressure.

There are five exercises as follows:
- Fairway in Regulation: How often do you hit the ball on the fairway with your driver or fairway wood?
- Green in Regulation: How often does your ball reach the green from the fairway?
- Up & Down: What is your “up & down” rate? In other words, what is your chance to still make the par when you’ve ended up next to the green?
- Long Putt: How good are you in approaching the pin with a long putt?
- Birdie Putt: How well can you handle a 2-meter putt on the green?
You can obtain different badges, from Newbie to Superstar. Results can be shared with your friends on Facebook.

This App will give you a very clear and objective picture of your abilities. And this will make you much more confident on the course. So let your emotions give way to the knowledge that, in a certain situation, you will hit most balls really well.

In addition to this training module, the Birdie Mind Training App also offers the following extras:
- The steps of an ideal pre-shot routine
- Birdie Mind tips