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Oxygen Offline Browser - Offline page viewer, PDF reader

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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Oxygen Browser is not just faster and easier. With this app, you can access your favorite websites where there is no internet connection and keep the contents updated, in a highly customizable and smart way.


This app is great for you, if -

- You need to access to your favorite websites where there is no internet connection, such as in a plane

- You are frustrated with your current browser where internet is unstable, such as in a subway

- You want to update websites automatically when you have Wifi to avoid cellular data usage and save money*

- You want to archive webpages or PDF files and keep them as they are

- You’ve signed up the mission to Mars and you want to be prepared because other browsers are going to be useless

- Still not ringing any bells? Well, you might simply want an easier, cleaner and smarter web browser


*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:_.:*~Offline Browsing:*~*:._.:**:._.:*~*:.

- Automatically make currently tabs offline viewable

- Create offline pages to view them offline

- Save pages linked to the offline pages, you can specify how deep the pages should be saved and how many page at maximum it can save.

- Option to save the whole website. The number of the linked pages you can save for each offline page is up to 9999.

- Schedule auto-update your offline pages, it can be at a specific time daily or with a specific time interval. Each page can have its own update schedule.

- Autoupdate works when the app is in the background. (Due to system limitation, background auto-update may not always be on time. If your web updates are critical, please launch the app and let it update in the foreground)

*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*Save Web Page:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*

- Different from offline page. You can save a web page as it is and the saved page won’t be updated. It helps you archive different versions of the same web page.

- Effective way to save PDF and serve as PDF document reader

*:._.:*~*:._.:*Ads and social plugins blocker:._.:*~*:._.:*~

- Effectively block ads and social network plugins. Make your browsing faster and save data usage.


- Import bookmarks from most other browsers and export bookmarks

- Autosave your login and password and synchronize across your devices

- Choose your favorite search engine as default

- Choose desired user agent


A. Are all the web page can be made viewable offline?
Q. Almost all the web pages can be created as offline pages, except secured pages (the pages starting with https://) and contents that are not originally supported by iOS, such as Flash player.

A. Is this app going to consume a lot of storage?
Q. It depends on how many offline pages you create and how deep the links are enabled. Suppose average web page size is 1.3 MB, if you create 5 offline pages with each page has its whole web site enabled, say 200 web pages for each site, then the app will consume about 1.3 GB space.