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Hajj Fiqh

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**The Best Hajj App**

One of the best application one can have in their possession for hajj. There are so many features that one would be better equipped with this app than without it:

*** The details are as follows:

==> How to enter Ihram
==> Going between Safa and Marwa
==> 8th at Mina
==> 9th Arafah
==> Muzdalifa
==> 10th Stoning
==> Tawaf al-Ifada
==> Days of Tashriq
==> Tawaf al-Wada'
==> Summary of the acts

--A complete and dedicated section on:



There is also sections on virtues of acts that are performed in hajj and when visiting the Prophet (pbuh).

A simple, easy to use application detailing every step of hajj on all the days of hajj. The set-out of the app is extremely well done in that it is displayed in such a way that all features are included on the main menu screen.

The app info has been provided by Shaikh Wesam Charkawi, the translator of the famous Hanafi Text -
Nur al-Idah. The rulings are authentic and in accordance with the position of Ahl as-Sunna awl Jama'a.

Furthermore, the app includes outstanding graphics that includes pictures of hajj that details tawaf as well as important info about the ka'ba. Given that most people always carry their mobiles in hajj, this will serve vital.

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