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Process Writer

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Metrilogics proudly presents Process Writer - the app that enables trainers and procedure writers to quickly and easily document any process or activity, in any business setting, in real time. No more scribbling notes as you observe a process THEN trying to read your handwriting later as you feverishly type up the procedure at your desk.

Use Process Writer anywhere - in factories, warehouses, insurance companies, banks, hospitals, IT shops... ANY place there are people doing ANY type of work that requires detailed and accurate training documentation!

• create a process scenario in Process Writer,
• document the process steps - one by one - as you observe them being performed by a subject matter exert (SME),
• take relevant photos to illustrate each documented step, and
• forward the process scenario (both text and photos) to your email In Box for inclusion in standardized Word, Powerpoint or video training formats.

Process Writer also provides access to all 13 Robust Production Management (RPM) modules - just check out the app's RPM tab. These are the same concepts and tools Metrilogics uses to deliver bottom-line process improvement results for clients - everywhere, every time. RPM modules include:

• Module 1: Performance Culture
• Module 2: Performance Framework
• Module 3: Complex Planning Calculations
• Module 4: Time Studies
• Module 5: Staffing Models
• Module 6: Unit Costs
• Module 7: Resource Alignment Matrix
• Module 8: Performance Distribution
• Module 9: Measuring Before and After Savings
• Module 10: Small Warehouse Case Study
• Module 11: Large Insurance Dept. Case Study
• Module 12: Selecting Viable Project Candidates
• Module 13: Deriving Project Financial Value

Best of all... you can now get CERTIFIED as an RPM practitioner directly through the Process Writer app. Simply acquire all RPM modules from the app's RPM tab, then click on the "Get RPM Certificate" button at the top of the RPM tab page. Follow the prompts to receive your own personalized, dated and serial-numbered RPM certificate in your email In Box. No classes... no exams... no kidding!

One app delivering 3 ways to help your company remain competitive, keep your team members trained on current best practices, while helping you build your personal management or consulting career!