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Arches National Park GPS Tour Guide Free

iPhone / iPad
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NEW!! This is a free lite version of Arches N.P.GPS Tour Guide to introduce you to the basic features of the app. With the full version, you will find out about arches and hikes not even listed in the brochure! This PREMIER Arches app uses GPS to be your personal tour guide throughout the park playing AUTOMATICALLY as your drive. For those who like to plan ahead, it also includes a description, multiple pictures, and map for EVERY attraction. This app is designed to educate and inform you about Arches geology, history and facts and tell you about upcoming attractions. You can customize your tour and be notified when a stop has your interests. Works best with with iPhone and iPads with GPS. Check out our screen shots and see for yourself.

Arches National Park contains the world’s largest collection of natural arches containing over 2000 arches. This app will touch on just 38 of them right off the road. You will also find rock spires, slot canyons and rock fins throughout the park.

When you purchase this app, for each attraction you will be able to plan ahead, navigate through the park, and have a personal tour guide-

Multiple pictures of each attraction
Description of the stop
Map showing each stop and where you are in relation to the stop
The ability to customize your interests and be notified when you are at a location with your interests
A rating for each attraction
Automatic GPS audio that will begin as you near each location, as well as the ability to start it on their own for those without GPS
The ability to replay the audio if you missed something
The ability to read along with the audio as it plays
The amount of time you can expect to spend at each location
Mileage of each hike
A chime that will go off when you are at one of the attractions so you will never be wondering where the stop is

As you travel Arches National Park, don't try to read the brochure or a travel book, just sit back and enjoy the ride listening to audio tour as you travel. Unfortunately, the combination of reading and driving can make for a miserable time with carsickness. When you buy this app, you will be able to sit back and enjoy your travels as you listen to the commentary about the arches, rock formations, hikes, history, and interesting facts about Arches. You also have the option to look ahead and view the pictures and read the descriptions to see which attractions look most interesting to you. As you begin your tour you will also be given the opportunity to select your interests. The tour guide will inform you as you reach an attraction with your interests.

Don’t have GPS? No worries. If you are using and iPod or iPad without GPS, you will still be able to enjoy the tour, you will just have to play the information manually as you travel.

It is recommended to bring a phone charger with you. Though you will not be using cellular service or have data charges, you’re phone will be constantly searching for a GPS signal and thus wear out the battery quickly. If you don’t have one, try to pick one up before you leave. Have a fun and safe trip.

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