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Relaxing Healing - Soothing music & pleasant sleep sounds (Free)

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Health & Fitness
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This app is full of healing music and soothing sounds.
By listening to this healing music, which is effective at producing alpha waves, and nature sounds such as rainfall and the chirping of songbirds, you can relax and have a good night's sleep.
As this app also contains white noise, it can also be used to increase concentration during work and study.

This app has a compilation of 5 healing musics and 11 nature sounds. All the healing musics can be played in succession, and you can also set them to be played on repeat. The application currently includes approximately one hour's worth of healing music.

You can set the playback time for the rain sounds and other nature sounds. Once the set time is reached, the volume is gradually lowered, eventually reaching a complete stop in order to allow you to fall asleep. For example, before falling asleep, you could be listening to the water flowing in a streamlet; then, as you start to relax, before you know it you will be gently pulled into a peaceful sleep.

This application also includes some white noise, so it is also recommended for when you want to concentrate on your work or studies.

It also has an alarm clock with 5 different alarms to choose from. As long as you ensure the application is running while connected to a power source, you will never find yourself sleeping through without the alarm going off.
Even if you set the alarm while songs or sounds are being played, you do not need to worry, as the application will stop playing when it is time for the alarm to go off.

The settings screen allows you to configure settings such as the volume of the music/nature sounds/alarm, whether to play music on repeat, and the playback time for rain sounds.

This application helps you reduce stress and improve the quality of your sleep. It is also effective for relieving the tiredness of your mind and body, so it can be used to increase your concentration when working or studying. This application is not only for busy company employees, but is also great for families with children.

Our wish is for this application to heal as many people as possible.

Healing musics:

1. Stress-reducing healing music (alpha wave) [10:25]
2. Mystical healing music [16:51]
3. Music for a comfortable night's sleep (alpha wave) [15:31]
4. Music for the gentle soothing of your body ($0.99) [06:34]
5. Rippling healing music ($0.99) [09:47]

You can listen to all the following 11 nature sounds for free.

Nature sounds:

1. Sounds of rainfall and murmuring streams
2. Sounds of evening showers
3. Moody sounds of heavy rain
4. Rainfall and croaking frogs
5. Louisiana rain
6. Chirping songbirds
7. Sounds of melting snows
8. Wave sounds
9. White noise
10. Peaceful walk through the woods
11. Hooting owls

You can choose from the following alarm sounds.

Alarm sounds:

1. Analog alarm clock
2. Digital alarm clock
3. Alarm bell
4. Beeps
5. Warning sounds

Main features:

• Healing music playback feature (5 musics)
• Healing music play-all feature
• Playback of rain sounds and other nature sounds (11 sounds)
• Alarm feature (choose from 5 alarm sounds)

Important notes:

The alarm will not work if you close the application or make it go into sleep mode. Please do not close the application after you set the alarm. Also, setting the alarm disables the automatic sleep functionality, so please make sure your device is connected to a power source.

About In-App Purchase:

First-time buyers please select the "Purchase" menu. Users who have already purchased this item, please select “Restore" menu.

Copyright notice:

This application's healing music is free music provided with permission from Live365 Internet Radio Network.

The rain sounds are from the free sound files distributed by