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Motorcycle Bike Race - Awesome 3D Game

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
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  • Racing
  • Simulation
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Hay, just so you know way up front this is not your “Same Ole – Same Ole” bike racing game. In fact I’ll go as far as saying that this app can bring you in your own “ultra galactic beach racing world”. So here you are on Miami Beach Ocean drive, strolling down in your “Suzuki GSXR” or “Yamaha YZF-R1” or forget that just be “dope” and get the “bmw-s1000rr-hp4.” The traffic is slow you know. You are weaving in and out of traffic. In occasions you have to do what you have to do. You jump in the wrong way lane, scare the hack out of some old folks and then do a sneaky turn back in to your lane. The wind is gently touching your hair. The weather is “super-luscious” if there is this kind of word even. You can feel the bike under you. The bike is responsive and every “rev” makes you do a “short trip to haven and back.” The pavement is smooth the power is outrageous. A guy comes sharp right in front of you “as far as I know could’ve been even a girl what’s the difference.” You teach him/her a lesson. You squeeze hard on the gas and the intrusive “object” is history. The exhilaration of the “acceleration” is awesome. There is no other feeling in the world that get’s you adrenalin pumping in your veins and makes your heart almost explode. Well let it explode. You know let it explode. You would rather have your heart explode on you favorite bike than anywhere else. Right? Now I know what you are thinking “this guy is full of it.” Well I may be full of it, but for the right reason and most of all I have a method to my madness. Suddenly a “red hot” blonde stops right in front of you and demands a ride. Wow, this is like heaven sent. You don’t even have a time to think. Almost instinctively you slam on the break “do one of those front wilily thingy.” The bike goes back on the pavement. Your wheels are still rolling very slowly. You do a swift movement. Grab the girl by the wrist and “swoop” she is on the back seat. Now watch this! As you drive“gold like fire bolls” roll out of nowhere. The catch is that you can get any of them since your hands are taken by the bike. Luckily the girl on you back gets the hint and starts picking up the bags of gold. Now you are truly in “your own designed haven.” You are on the bike on the main strand in Miami. A hot blonde chick on your back, catching bags of gold rolling down the road. You can’t really believe it. The sun finally came down on your street. The girl is holding you tight from behind. Maybe way to tight, since you can feel the heat of her body through the hard padded jacket.
Well suddenly something happened. It was this really weird feeling. The feeling of the bike was rapidly disappearing. The road didn’t feel that real anymore. You couldn’t hear the bike “revving” for some weird reason. Well it all came down to you like a 1000 pound brick falling on your head from the empire state building. And then it happened.
You woke up, I mean like in bed with your P.J.s on. You tried to hold on to the dream a little longer. The evil alarm clock put it all to rest. The bike, the hot girl, Miami Beach, Ocean Avenue. It was all gone. Like a little obedient drone, you got up. Washed your face and headed in to horrendous traffic in your “not to hot” car. All to go to a place to see some people you realy hate. Well I can feel your pain. Really you can do anything in your life. You can even create your own reality. However with the “speed of life” you currently move I am concerned that you won’t have enough earth ears to get the girls the bikes and all. So I decided to create your own “intergalactic” “supper hot” reality. Do yourself a favor. Push few buttons pres next and download this app. See you on the other side.