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The Black Death History Map

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This pandemic killed a third to a half of the populations in all the lands it reached. Did you also know that... stopped an emperor from conquering the whole of India?

....undermined the huge Mongol empire?

....some modern scholars trace the origins of the industrial revolution right back to this terrible event?

This sequence of maps graphically shows this major pandemic spreading over a huge area of the Eastern Hemisphere. The maps have a considerable amount of information linked to them, covering such themes as the reasons for the plague's great expansion and the dramatic impact it had on widely separate regions of the world. Contemporary sources convey the shocking experiences of those who witnessed the coming of the disease..

This app is ideal for students studying this era or for anyone who knows little or nothing about the Black Death and wants to find out about the worst recorded catastrophe to hit mankind.

Full teaching guidance is given for using the app with different age and ability levels, and appropriate suggestions for student activities are included.

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