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Max Lift T - One Rep Max Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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Max Lift One Rep Max Calculator is your best powerlifting training buddy.

If you are spending time in the gym and you don’t know what your one rep max, also referred to as 1 rep max and 1rm is, then you are making a big mistake! With this one of a kind 1rm calculator application you will be able to instantly calculate your one rep max, also referred to as your one rep maximum.

Bodybuilding programs work best with this One Rep Max Calculator because to achieve muscle growth and increase strength, you must lift heavy weights occasionally. The goal is to shock and train your muscles with your maximum weight at least once every couple weeks.

Many people wonder how to build muscle fast. Using the One Rep Max Calculator in your weight lifting routine is the best way to build muscle and increase your bench press. This 1rm calculator will help you design strength building workouts that are the best way to gain muscle.

Many serious bodybuilders never attempt their 1 rep max because they don’t know what it is and they are too afraid to try heavy weights because of the fear that the weight will drop on them (remember: most people don’t have spotters to train with).

This 1 rep max calculator will tell you exactly what your 1 rep max is for any weight lifting or body building exercise based on just 2 inputs from you. You can lift confidently, more effectively and definitely more efficiently once you know what your one rep max is. This 1rm calculator will also tell you how much to lift and how many reps to perform to achieve maximum weight training performance even during the days you are not feeling 100%.

Forget about carrying weight lifting charts and weight lifting logs with you all the time. This app allows you to store previous maxes, as well as the location where the max was achieved (sometimes different gyms have different weights) electronically. You can always refer to this weight lifting chart to track and trend your performance over time to see how you are progressing toward your goals.

And the best part of all of this is that everything is scientifically proven and tested. So the next time you ask “how much weight should I lift”, simply use the One Rep Max Calculator and eliminate the guessing game!

New functionality includes:
1) A list view of user's max at various percentage levels.
2) The ability for user to share one rep max results with Facebook friends instantly.
3) The ability for user to not only view his/her previous one rep max, but also to view what weight was lifted and for how many reps.

Other modifications include:
1) Upgraded for iPhone5 Compatibility
2) Upgraded for iOS7 support