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Donkey Toy

iPhone / iPad
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Donkey Toy is a very special children's music box, combined with the simple but challenging 'Butterfly game'.

Your child selects four animals by tapping tiles and a new song will start. Dancing animals accompany the music.
Every animal has its own character represented by a specific musical instrument:
- Cow: Tuba
- Horse: Tenor Sax
- Dog: Music Box
- Cat: Oboe
- Goat: Small Bells
- Sheep: Marimba
- Pig: Timpani
- Donkey: Toy Piano
- Butterfly: Piccolo

The 'Butterfly game' can be played during playback:
- Tapping the butterfly causes it to start flapping and fly in the air. After some time the butterfly returns in one of the trees, ready to be tapped again.
- Points are given for every time the butterfly flaps. Tapping a dancing animal during the flight of the butterfly, increases the number of points given for each flap.
- The object of the game is to gather as many points as you can. So, let the butterfly flap and tap the other animals as often as possible during its flight.
- A player needs skills, like selecting the right animal ensemble, tapping the butterfly and the dancing animals as often as possible, and luck: - where does the butterfly land? - how often does it flap during its flight? - how long is the music playing?

The settings of Donkey Toy allow you to:
- Set the number of donkeys that will cause the assistant composer to introduce 'weirdness' into the composition.
- Enable and disable the 'Butterfly game'.
- Input the name of the player and change player.
- Reset the scores.
- Set different MIDI Out channels for every track. When you have another app or MIDI sound module capable of processing incoming MIDI data you can easily enhance the sounds.


Donkey Toy is a spin-off of YouCompose.

YouCompose offers a powerful assistant composer to users who want to compose complex musical compositions. YouCompose is also capable of composing a complete 3 or 4 movement symphony al by itself. This assistant composer, also present in Donkey Toy is responsible for all its musical content. Every time a child taps four animal-tiles a new musical composition is created. That is why every tune played is unique and Donkey Toy will never repeat itself.
The compositions created in Donkey Toy all have a classical small ternary form.