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Healthy Heroes 2: My Plate for Kids

iPhone / iPad
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Eating healthy is always a challenge, even for grown-ups! Queen Ignorantia has meddled in the Yogome world once more by sending her robotic henchmen to steal away the good stuff, leaving the healthy monsters feeling sick and out of sorts. Join Oof and Oona as they journey through a prehistoric landscape to find the five food groups and restore the nutritional balance.

While we all learn about the five basic food groups in grade school, public education does little to really reinforce that learning. School lunches are rarely as healthy as they should be, while junk food is available just about everywhere. Healthy Heroes 2 seeks to teach kids the basics of holistic eating by combining a compulsively playable “matching game” puzzle mechanic with a story that seamlessly ties together the five food groups (i.e., fruits, vegetables, cereals, proteins, and dairy) and rewards learning. There are plenty of different morsels to find for each food group in the pyramid - over 30 healthy foods in all!

Healthy Heroes 2 teaches kids about balanced meals using the USDA’s model. Players are encouraged to explore the site and learn more about nutrition as they play the game, and parents are encouraged to participate in the process by offering healthier eating options at home.

If our kids are our future, then nutrition should be higher up on everyone’s list. Help the healthy monsters feel happy again by taking nutrition out of the classroom and into the living room with Healthy Heroes 2!


• 45 total levels
• 20 cool hats for Yogotars
• 15 food super powers
• 5 food groups covered
• Over 30 types of healthy food covered

Yogome creates fun iOS educational games for 21st-century kids. By joining the Yogome Squad, children can learn about languages, math, science, the environment, nutrition, and other life skills. They’ll have so much fun they won’t even notice they’re learning!

From our educational experts:

Healthy Heroes 2 gives your child a comprehensive understanding of nutrition by encouraging them to internalize the food pyramid and the five basic food groups through compulsive, mission-based learning. Using the USDA’s site as a supplement, children ages 4-10 learn about healthy, balanced eating by identifying specific foods that fall into each of the five categories. At the same time, players also learn about the negative effects of unhealthy eating.

Taking place in a prehistoric version of the Yogome world, Healthy Heroes 2 takes place over a number of story-based missions that sees Oof and Oona foraging for food and identifying specific food items by category. Parents can track their child's progress through an easy-to-use Dashboard.