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Trigonometry Mathematics

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TRIGONOMETRY PART 1 AND PART 2 is the complete App for anyone wanting to master TRIGONOMETRY.

Our App is geared to High School, College students and University students wanting to brush up on Trig.

“iTeachers” aim to provide easy to understand lessons using new age technology, taught the old fashioned way.

Why our students learn:

* Real qualified Teachers
* Teachers with 38 years teaching Maths in a School
* Classroom Lessons
* Step by step illustrations
* 10 Quiz questions set by the teacher
* 30 Revision questions for advanced learning
* Formulas
* Chalkboard working out page (used for working out solutions)

With our International content, easy to understand, fast-paced lessons. You will soon be top of the class.

Compare us with the competition and you will be sold on our sharp, to the point teaching methods, that have a proven track record of success.

Using the knowledge of a teacher who has taught for over 38 years with a Pure and Applied Mathematics Degree, you will find learning Trigonometry a breeze and know that your education is in the correct hands, with a qualified teacher.

You will have your own Maths Tutor when and where you need it.

This app covers the following topics:

* Trigonometry explained
* Right-angled triangles
* Finding a side using Sine
* Finding the hypotenuse using Sine
* Finding a side using Cosine
* Finding the hypotenuse using Cosine
* Finding the opposite side using Tangent
* Finding the adjacent side using Tangent
* Using the calculator to find sine cos and tan
* Finding an angle using Sine
* Finding an angle using Cosine
* Finding an angle using Tangent
* Trigonometry formulas
* Right-angled triangles
* Trigonometry with Obtuse angles
* The Sine Rule
* Using Sine to find a missing side
* Using the Sine Rule to find a missing angle
* Cosine Rule
* Using the Cosine Rule to find a missing side
* Using the Cosine Rule to find a missing angle
* Area of a triangle using Trigonometry