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Confidential Contacts

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Social Networking
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Constructed from the ground up by a dedicated team, Confidential Contacts is the state of the art safeguarded way to text and maintain contacts securely behind a fully encrypted firewall. Say goodbye to security breaches, HIPPAA violations, controlling former employers, and prying eyes once and for all. Say hello to safe and secure messaging for working professionals all industries, and people everywhere.

Confidential Contacts allows you to:
· Keep contacts secure behind a password protected wall

· Communicate securely, striving to achieve HIPAA compliance for healthcare professionals between doctors, patients, and hospital administrators.

· Utilize the "Shake" technology to easily and quickly exit from the app with the shake of a hand in the event an unknown onlooker approaches unexpectedly or when walking into a meeting

· Delete texts from not only your phone but also the receiver’s phone for crucial situations such as ensuring client patient confidentiality is maintained or to remove a message sent to the wrong recipient accidentally

· Maintain confidentiality for many life situations such as public safety teams or witness protection programs with the use of code names and secure connections

· Maintain sales & client contacts in a secure place if a company phone is removed, lost, or broken

· Keep personal texts and contacts behind a password in phones, to keep them safe from unsecured sources