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Words in Bubbles - Reading Words

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“Words in bubbles – Reading Words” is a simple fun game that encourages young children to read through play and interaction. “Words in bubbles - Reading Words” is suitable for children ages 4-8.

The goal of the game is to motivate children to read simple words and move to sentences.
The game starts with a scene and a question/problem for them to solve. e.g

“where does the penguin live?"
“who can swing on the vines?”
“who is pulling Santa’s sleigh?"

Children can listen to the question

Next, they are asked to choose the correct word to solve the problem. The answer options are simple words, nouns, verbs or adjectives. The children know, or suspect the word they are looking for and they need to find it.

The words are simple but chosen carefully. Words for every scene might rhyme, start or end with the same sound, include the same sound or they can be very different. The purpose of this is to encourage children to look at the words carefully and find a way to identify the correct one. Many words repeat through the game and help the children recognize them faster.

When they choose a word they “put it” in the scene, and the scene “comes to life”, and changes to show them if their answer was right or wrong. Wrong answers can be a funny surprise for the child.
Trying out even the wrong answers/words gives them the chance to see, listen, compare and read more words.

The questions include sight words that repeat often. For example: who lives here? what does Mary need?

In this first version of the game there are 38 scenes/questions and over 450 words. Around 150 words are sight words that repeat through the questions.

The hero of the game ,Bub, the bubble ninja, gives the answers in flowing bubbles, and surprises with motivating rewards.