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Jigsaw Pictures - Photo Puzzle Maker

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Ever taken a picture while on holiday or just out for a walk and thought it'd be fun to create a puzzle from it? Maybe you've taken a snap of a friend or place and want to make the experience more interactive? Well now you can with 'Jigsaw Pictures'! Download this App for free today and you'll instantly be able to create unlimited jigsaws using your own photos.


• Unlimited fun for all ages with levels from 20 to 240 pieces.

• Additionally a 506 piece ‘crazy’ challenge can be made by the App – are you ready?

• Use either the supplied HD images or your own photos – every picture can become a jigsaw. Meaning you’ll always have a huge box of puzzles to hand but with none of the fuss!

• Nothing of interest? Then use the camera directly within the App to capture the moment and get puzzling.

• A selected image can be panned, zoomed and cropped before building. You can focus on the best part of an image and ignore the rest.

• Tap the table to reveal a ghosted help image during play, tap again to remove.

• Close the App and pickup from where you left off. Whether you’re away for just a few minutes or several days.

• Scattered pieces can be placed anywhere or tapped to view what’s behind.

• Link pieces together to create groups, which will then move together as a single piece.

• Only the piece selected can make new connections. Moving a group of pieces will not ‘pickup’ pieces accidentally.

Benefits of Jigsaws:

Jigsaws are great for relaxing while building the mind, developing spatial awareness and memory recall.

They can help improve thinking skills and problem solving, as jigsaws require use of both sides of the brain, helping to increase mind power.

Jigsaws can increase your alertness, concentration and expand your creativity. While possibly reducing your breath rate, which will result in both lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Several studies have been made that suggest that jigsaws can reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s.


Have a feature you'd like to see such as the ability to send a jigsaw to a friend? Or something bugging you that maybe we can change? Contact us via the help screen from within the App and we'll see what we can do to keep your experience an enjoyable one.


‘Jigsaw Pictures’ has been designed exclusively for the iPad and is only available in the App Store.