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I want this app
Download from AppStore is: “Bliking is sharing that you are happy with your latest purchase to get a discount or a small gift in return”

BLIKE EVERYWHERE is very easy to use and can be used both at stores with the logo and at stores that do not know about yet.

The App enables you to post about your purchase on Facebook to get a discount or a small gift in return. Happy with your purchase? Share your joy by making a Blike, a photo of the product combined with a nice text message, with the App and in return you get the discount or gift that you have negotiated on.

To use, the only thing you have to do is to login with your Facebook and you can start to use instantly. No further registration efforts required.

Your favorite shop doesn’t know what is? No panic!, just simply explain in simple terms what is about. Tell about the benefits that a Blike has for the store. Tell about this new way of word-of-mouth advertising and that there are no further strings attached. Ask what you can get in return for a Blike, a nice Facebook post about the purchase you are going to make at his/her shop/restaurant/hotel/etc. etc. LEVEL
The more active you use and the more people and friends react on your posts the faster and higher you score raises. The score gives the store owner a good indication of how value your Blikes are to the store, this is called your advertisement value. The higher this score is, how easier it is to get a good discount or a nice gift. Become a great negotiator!

Are you the first to make and collect a Blike at a certain store and the store signed up to Super cool! We randomly give a way nice gifts once in a while and of course we and your fellow Blikers will be grateful forever!

Share your successes and share your experience with other Blikers and us!

Good luck hunting for great Blikes!

It’s free & fun!