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Sabre eFlight Manager

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Sabre AirCentre is a Flight Plan Manager add-on to expand the connected flight to the cockpit.
The application automates the process of collecting all the information for your trip by ingesting flight plans from your flight planning system of choice. A comprehensive and complete package is then generated containing all the latest information required for a trip such as MET, NOTAM, Upper Wind and Temperature / Significant Weather charts and documentation.
As well as being a system for delivering data for a trip, eFlight Manager has the ability to capture information from the flight crew. Information such as fuel records, actual flight times, and actual Fuel On board (FOB) are uploaded to the ground server for immediate analysis and reporting.

Major features include:

-ARINC 633-2 flight plan ingestion.

Pre-flight Briefing

-METAR data with green, amber, red coloring based on configurable minima.
-TAF for each airfield.
-NOTAM for each airfield.
-SNOWTAM for each airfield.
-Update facility to receive the latest data for your trip.
-Operational notices.
-PDF Briefing Package.
-Flight Recalculation
-Sign Off

- Flight Summary showing weight and fuel information with offline recalculations.
-Delay records.
-Trip Log for capturing actual flight times, fuel on board, etc.

Scratch Pad

-Captures text notes.
-Captures drawings.