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5:2 Calorie Counter

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The ‘5 2 Diet’ Calorie Tracker

Have you ever tried dieting but lost count of the calories? With the ‘5 2 Diet’ Calorie Tracker you will never over-indulge again, as you can enter what you eat and then check what you’re still allowed that day - wherever you are!

How it works:
1. Set Your Limit: Simply tell the app what your daily calorie limit is, and then put it back in your pocket

2. Enter Your Eating: Every time you have a snack or a meal, simply enter the amount of calories consumed

3. Check Your Remaining Allowance: Thinking of snacking but don’t want to go over your limit? It’s right there in your pocket – the app calculates your calorie intake so far and tells you what you’re allowed for the rest of the day.

What is the ‘5 2 Diet’?
The ‘5 2 Diet’ is a diet strategy that allows you to eat normally for 5 days, then eat 500-600 calories for 2 days.

Unlike other diets, the ‘5 2 Diet’ needs careful attention as your allowance is different for different days of the week – some days you need to watch what you’re consuming, others you don’t.

But with the ‘5 2 Diet’ Calorie Tracker, everything is calculated in your pocket meaning it’s easy to stay on top of your calorie intake.

Does it only work for the ‘5 2 Diet’?
The great thing about the ‘5 2 Diet’ Calorie Tracker is that it doesn’t just work if you’re on the 5 2 diet – you can set your own limits and track your own calorie intake for any diet plan you wish!