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App from the „Romance Deck“ part of the „Love Pack“ from Chuck Spezzano, with beautiful illustrations from Debbie Lush.

Find love.
Heal your Relations.
Learn about patterns.

While some people seem to be lucky in love, there is more to a successful relationship than just luck. The Romance Deck can guide and show how to magnify potential for love, and it can help to change that which stands in the way of being happy in love. It can help us make better choices so as not to squander the opportunity we have of turning romance into true love. It can point out the bad choices and hidden obstacles and show alternatives. It can show us where, out of fear and past unresolved hurt, we demand control, which is the antithesis of surrender and the nemesis of falling in love.
The Romance Deck is a set of cards that can reflect us what the romance factor is our lives. While it is meant to be both entertaining and playful, the Romance Deck can also be used for discovering love potential or what’s in the way with certain partners. It’s purpose is to recognize and give the means to resolve problems that hold us back from opening to romance in general or specifically with certain partners. While the Romance Deck is geared to those yet to find a relationship or those who have recently begun a relationship, it can also be used for those who have been long time partners, by showing what is going on and demonstrating how to transform traps into a new joining.

Chuck Spezzano, PhD, and Lency Spezzano, MS, are the founders of the Psychology of Vision, a transpersonal model of healing that employs cutting edge healing tools and methodology with the miracle power of grace. The Psychology of Vision centers around three core elements: relationships, leadership (answering the calls for help) and nondenominational spirituality.

The Spezzanos have taught seminars worldwide and between them they have authored over 37 books (with more in the works) in 19 countries.

The Romance Deck with this App is made was developed by and has been a bestseller and daily assistance to many people around the world.

This App will not replace any medications or psychological treatment, it helps to playfully become aware of some hidden dynamics.

With the App you can do a „3 card reading“ out of the full deck, it is not possible to look at the cards one by one or flip through the whole deck.