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RedBluePoll is a mock application intended for humorous pranks - April Fool's Day, of course!

The app looks like a generic poll, and presents a question, with two response buttons. If the user clicks the left button, it presents a response screen. If the user clicks the right moves somewhere else on the screen. This continues until the victim, er, poll user gives up and presses the left button.

The default question asks about anchovies on pizza, a taste for which is not acquired by many. However, you can change just about everything in the poll, including:
- The poll name
- The poll question
- The labels on the left and right response buttons
- The response when the left button is pressed

You change these values by updating the RedBluePoll entries through the iOS Settings icon (grey gears icon). The sizes are limited by the button and screen sizes on your device - do a trial run of your choices to make sure they fit before springing them on an unsuspecting prankee.

Some possible prank questions might be:
- Did you learn your management skills from Dilbert?
- Will you wash the dishes tonight?
- Will you marry me?
OK, that last one had better not be a prank!

While this is generally harmless and sophomoric, you have to use some judgement in selecting a question. Suggestions of criminal acts, or activities restricted to adults, for example, could lead to questions from and even arrest by law enforcement officials. Even if not criminal, a question like "Will you give me the answers to the quiz?" could run afoul of local codes of conduct. So, if your question is not legal, moral, or ethical, you are probably better off picking another one.

And bear in mind that even well-intentioned humor can be hurtful. Try to remember people's feelings...and have fun!