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■ How to use CallMan

Coleman is what tabletop Bell and display machine to invoke that it is to set.
You can use the desktop bell, such as in the shops in the app.

When you later start to become a screen of a desktop bell, sound is played by pressing the center of the button, you can call the display machine.
To switch to the display machine press the "Display machine (icon left)".

ID next to his ID display unit by default, has become to call myself as a test.

1. My ID is assigned at random at the time of installation.
2. Number of display machine can be changed to call in "Setting (icon right)".
3. "Setting (icon right)" language switching and buttons of the skin is switched on.

1. By preparing a tablet, etc. in the store to keep to display the "Display machine".
2. "Setting (icon right)" of Coleman to be used as a tabletop Bell If you change the ID of the display machine at the store display machine can call.

1. It is possible to ring the bell at the touch of a button.
2. I can change the skin of tabletop bell.
3. ID of tabletop bell that the current call to display machine is displayed.
4. It is possible to know the current position of the tabletop bell indicators.

Version History

[Ver1.0 -> Ver1.3]
iOS8 I was supported later.
I was turned into 64bit.
English and I can now switch between Japanese.
I have changed the image of the skin to the flat design.
GPS in the calling of the current position is I can now display.
I have been moved to the configuration screen the ID change of display machine.
I was in a vertical screen fixed.

[Ver1.3 -> Ver1.5]
Bug fixes that may bell icon does not appear on the splash screen after
Display of machine improve reaction speed

[Ver1.5 -> Ver1.6]
Icon change
Bug fixes display machine may not react

[Ver1.6 -> Ver2.0]
To change the bell icon in any of those.
Receiver in by the response can inform the state to bell.
To significantly improve the response speed of the server.
Screen flat icon of the design.

[Ver2.0 → Ver2.1]
I was faster start-up time.
I was centering the position of the bell icon.
and response speed of the server has been improved compared to the prior art