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PIP: The Loom

iPhone / iPad
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Use your powers of relaxation to transform landscapes. Soothing imagery and music to combine to dissolve tension and ease stress away. As you de-stress, the Loom landscape responds to reflect your inner calmness – cold, snowy winter turns into bright, sunny summer, starry night skies transform into radiant dawn.
Use this app with Pip - a device that helps you learn to better manage stress. It allows you to see your stress levels, connecting your emotions with innovative apps, teaching you not only how to recognize stress, but to learn to control your reaction to it.

The Loom syncs instantly with My Pip – your cloud platform for better living. At the end of each session your performance data is uploaded automatically to My Pip where you gain deeper insights into your stress levels and can track and compare performance over time.

Pip encourages and keeps you motivated as you learn to successfully manage stress. Reach your goals quicker by gaining deeper insights into your body’s response to stress, as you learn to retrain your attention and emotions for the better and lead a richer, fuller life.

De-stress and refocus
Take 5 minutes to refocus and re-energise to give your life that bit more breathing space.

Provides Easy-to-read charts and graphs
Track and analyse your stress levels and Pip performance with easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Compare how you respond to stressful situations
Compare how you respond to stressful situations during the week, this helps you identify stress triggers and develop the right tools to better manage them.

Real-time feedback
See exactly during a Pip session when you were focussed and relaxing, or stressed and your mind is wandering.

Keep a journal
Connect your thoughts and feelings with your changing stress levels. Keep a journal in Pip. Note your mood, and any thoughts or feelings that arise during your Pip session. This helps you identify what effect they have on your stress levels.

Actionable insights
Compare your performance across Pips’ Apps. Identify trends in your response to stress. Pip gives you deeper insights into your reaction to stress which helps you learn to control your body’s response to it.