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StocksRock! Free

iPhone / iPad
  • Finance
  • Education
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24 predefined heat maps of stocks and ETFs totaling 2500+ instruments on just two pages. 213 US industry maps on third page. . Each stock or ETF is represented by uniquely colored rock of unique size.

“StocksRock! Free” is an app which provides the user with an easily understood way to highlight stock market changes by providing a visual presentation of stock market performance through the use of “heat maps” where each stock is represented by a colored “rock”. The rock is colored green if the stock is up from the prior close, or colored red if the stock is down. Up to certain limitations, color intensity increases as the prices change.
As the stock moves higher, the rock gets greener. As the stock moves lower, the rock gets redder.

It’s that simple. However, because of its intuitive visual presentation, the app enables the user to absorb a substantial amount of data, and recognize developing trends. Stock prices are almost real time (1) as characterized by delays of under a minute (2)

Every heat map can show either today's change or

- Month-to-date
- Year-to-date
- Change in last 3 and 6 months
- Change in 1 year
- Change in 5 years

Features of StocksRock!

- The size of the rock varies according to the capitalization of the company
- The stock prices update with less than a minute delay
- The stocks rearrange when the mobile device is shaken
- The rock enlarges when touched in order to easily view performance information
- Zoom in and out using a pinch gesture
- Single stock view is accompanied with price graph
- The application supports any device orientation (landscape or portrait)
- View up to 150 stocks/ETFs per sector at the same time, with 12+ sectors available
- Swiping right or left toggles between sectors
Touch any stock and the rock becomes a boulder, gives the current price and the stock performance
- Search among 8,000+ stocks/ETFs by swiping down

StocksRock! Free Heat maps are available for:

1. Comparing the market sectors (currently includes a universe of 1700+ stocks/ETFs)
2. IPOs for the current and previous month
3. Earnings released current and previous day
4. Dividends released current and previous day
5. Stocks that are the biggest losers of the day
6. Stocks that are the biggest winners of the day
7. Stocks trading above their 52 week high
8. Stocks trading below their 52 week low
9. Stocks trading more actively than their historical average

(1) Stock prices are at least 15 minutes delayed.

(2) This app is to be used for educational purposes only, and is not meant to provide information to be traded upon. Additionally, the StocksRock! app does not recommend or solicit purchase or sale of any securities.