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Sheep Notebook

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Sheep NoteBook enables the recording and emailing of sheep location and identification information. Sheep NoteBook is a GPS enabled IPAD app which automatically obtains latitude, longitude and accuracy information via GPS. Sheep information data fields exist for Sheep ID/Name, Eartag, Date/Time and User Notes. A sheep master database exists for the adding and editing of Sheep Eartag, Name, Flock ID, Registration, Sex, Breed, Color and Birthdate Information.

All breed, sex and color data codes are also user configurable which allow the user to add and delete codes.

User friendly pull down menus exist for the easy entry of Sex, Breed and Color data.

A user friendly date picker facility exists for the easy entry of Sheep Birthdate and Sheep Note Date information.

A display exists for all notes for a particular sheep.

An email address menu component exists for adding/deleting email addresses

A Help Topics database also is present.

Sheep Notebook is camera enabled in the Add Note Screen.

Integration with the IOS 9 iCloud Drive. An iCloud button on the Main View enables the exporting of Sheep data to the Sheep Notebook folder on your iCloud Drive. The format of the export file is csv which integrates with the Apple Numbers app.