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Figurefacts Men Nutrition

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Eat to be the best you can be at work and at play everyday! Use this app to enjoy the foods you crave while learning about the nutrition your body needs. Research has proven healthier food choices can reverse the effects of unhealthy eating habits that contribute to weight gain and heart disease. That’s where Figurefacts® comes in. With our personalized nutritional profile, daily diary and downloadable food database, you can monitor and plan your meals for optimal heart health. Our daily food-fuel checklist and health journal enable you to track your nutrient intake levels, food exchanges, physical activity and key health parameters. And our interactive e-mail feature makes it easy to share this information with your doctor or dietitian. We have all the tools you need to start living a heart-healthy lifestyle today.

Are you looking for a healthy way of eating? Do you have a family history or other risk factors for heart disease? Are you aware of the nutrients lacking in the diets of most men? Are you managing your health by taking your body’s engine in for the recommended physical tests outlined in our Guide? Then Figurefacts His Nutrition App is for you!

Our features include:

Daily diary to monitor your eating habits and fill your day with as many heart-healthy food choices as possible
Food database with thousands of items graphically coded to indicate heart-healthy options
Personalized favorite-food list to simplify the monitoring process
Personalized profile settings to calculate your daily nutritional needs based on your height, weight, age and activity level
Daily food-fuel checklist to track your nutrient intake levels for optimal heart-health
Color-coded indicator to warn you when calorie, cholesterol or sodium counts exceed 90% of your daily needs
Daily health journal to monitor your blood pressure, weight, fluid intake and physical activity
Interactive feature that allows you to e-mail your food diary and journal entries to your doctor or dietitian to enhance treatment outcomes. (internet connection required)

What sets us apart from other apps?

• Full database that is accessible without an Internet connection
• User-friendly
• Graphically identifies heart-healthy foods
• Shows recommended daily food servings and exchanges

Help Your Health with the Figurefacts® His Nutrition App!

For questions or help with the app, e-mail us at

This program is a tool to improve your food choices and heart-health. To maximize its effectiveness, you should exercise regularly, manage your stress, and follow your doctor’s advice. For additional dietary support, seek the guidance of a Registered Dietitian (RD). Visit us at