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Solve4x Math Equation Solver

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Camera based Math equation solver

Solve4x - The Basic Math & Algebra equations solver app (Level -1) !


Solves Linear equations in up to 3 variables, quadratic / cubic equations in one variable. You can either type in the equations or Take a photo and scan it. It solves the equations in a Snap ! There is an added function to solve a 2x2 or 3x3 square matrices and find their Inverse and Determinant values. The app is suited for middle and high school students , students can as an example verify their homework. Higher grade students or other academicians can use this app to solve their routine problems and expedite their work.

This app is NOT designed to use as a calculator or Pseudo calculator. So if you are trying to use it as as a calculator by entering data as entered in a calculator and then just adding the equate sign along with the variable, then the chances are that the solution will not be correct. As an example,

5 + 8 - 3 * 2 / 7 = x will not work, because the left hand side of this equation is essentially only a calculator function. i.e. the left hand side would have been solved just by using an ordinary calculator without having to resort to add the extra equate sign with the variable on the right hand side.


8x = 16 will work because this is how the usual equations are in the grade school book.

Please note that 2 and 3 variable problems will need corresponding number of equations.

Solves - Linear equations in up to 3 variables, quadratic / cubic equations in one variable, 2x2 / 3x3 matrix.

Does NOT solve any other type of equation. This version does not handle parenthesis (brackets), fractions, radicals, complex numbers, trigonometry / logarithmic / calculus / other advanced functions.

Photo related - No handwriting recognition. Proper recognition is only in portrait mode (camera upright vertical with Home button down) for printed text. Average size (not too small or too big). Black text on white background appears to work best. Some editing maybe needed to remove any non-equation / junk data. Also depends on lighting. Does not work for front facing camera. Please use the inbuilt Bug reporting tool to report any bugs to us. We are constantly improving this technology to minimize the errors.