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Anger Problems - Managing the Causes of Rage and Violence Issues to Cope With Hate, Hurt and Pains

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Anger is an emotion that we all face at at some time in our lives, whether it emanates from ourselves or someone else. Nobody enjoys being angry, and it almost always ends up making the situation worse than it was before. Learn about anger and how to handle it with the Anger uKnowMo app.

Learn all about:
● Understanding why we get angry
● Techniques to keep your cool in any situation
● What to do when you've hit the breaking point
● How to handle someone who is angry and aggressive
● Road rage and how it affects everybody
● Handling the anger of youth, as a parent
● Anger management and how we can benefit from it
● And much more!

Test your knowledge with "Do uKnow?" and see how much you really know about why we get angry! Or if you're looking to discover something new, just shake your phone on the selection page and our app will present you with something new to learn!


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