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Make the Seven DoReMi Seven

iPhone / iPad
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This app is simple, but I fit in for some reason! !Just make a 7 anyway!
Making 7 to fit the block number,Brain training casual game application『DoReMi Seven』.
Commuting, at bedtime or interval of rest, let's move the brain fun!

『DoReMi Seven』 is a game to make a 7 block a combination of arithmetic operations and white two blocks.
However, you can create a 7 block using all the white blocks on the stage during. I made 7 block will be added as your score by tapping. Score obtained in this game because it is registered as a ranking, but please do your best to aim high scores! !

<Rule Description>
Make the " addition " with a number of blocks of two selected normally .
By using the four arithmetic operations button at the bottom of the screen , you can also change the calculation method .
I made "7" block by tapping , it disappears from the screen , it will be added as points . It should be noted that , by an operation you used when you made ​​a "7" block , the number of allocation changes .

○ The number of allocation by the calculation
・Addition -> 7 points
・Subtraction -> 14 points
・Division -> 28 points

※ " addition " will be adopted if you do not press the four arithmetic operations .

If you can without leaving a white block in the end , turn off the "7" block , it becomes the stage clear and score bonus addition .

○ bonus score
• Number of × 2 times that was acquired in one stage

<Introduction of each mode>

It is possible to play to choose the following three modes in this application .

● TimeAttackMode
Compete whether take a number of how many within the time limit of 90 seconds , it is a simple mode . By combining the white blocks were randomly selected from the number of 1-5 , let's get points by creating a "7" block earnestly ! App and number of points earned in this mode can be registered in the ranking of GameCenter.

● ChallengeMode
Difficulty of the stage will rise level increases, this mode of brain Tremaine . In this mode, compete in the number of points earned Life Points to become 0 or within the time limit of 90 seconds . Number of points earned in this mode can be registered in the ranking of the app .

○ additional functions of each level
・Level will increase also two maximum value of the block to go up every three .
・"Operator Limit ( arithmetic limit )" will be added from level 7
・"Mask Limit" will be added from level 14 .

● FreeMode
It is possible to play it and customize it as you like the play style on your own . I will introduce in the next section is an optional feature that you can customize .

○ Introduction of optional features
The optional feature , we have established the options the following four functions .

· Operator Limit ( arithmetic limit function)
Arithmetic button is once day off if I use once .

· Life Point ( Life Points function)
Life points pecks 3 . If you use white block all one stage clear you do not ( perfect ) , life will be cut by one. Life reaches 0 it is "game over" .
Earnestly , let's turn OFF this feature if you want to play the game .

· Time Limit ( time limit function)
Time limit will be added . When it exceeds the time limit , the game will be reset . Time limit of one stage has become a "90 seconds" .

· Mask NumberBlocks ( mask function)
Mask (transparent) will be applied to the block of four random from among the 4 × 4 block . Let's turn ON this feature if you want to try the game by increasing the degree of difficulty !

· Back Ground ( background setting function )
It is possible from the camera roll their own , and sets the background of the play screen score screen a favorite photo . Background you have set will be applied to all modes .