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GraffitiMap description

GraffitiMap is the app which you can draw of hand-painted paintings on iOS's standard world-map ,can note to the favorite places on it,and can paint graffiti on it.

This app will also be able to search address, and can draw a route from the current location to the destination on the map in pressing long.

In the hand-drawing function, You can switch a color of line to 12 colors and can change the line width.

GraffitiMap has two large features and you can toggle Draw Mode function and Navi Mode function.

Function description

(a)Draw Mode Mode for drawing,painting and note on the map.

1:Draw Making new drawings or notes.
1-1:Cancel Cancel making new drawings or making new notes.
1-2:Save Saving new drawings or new notes.
1-3:Undo Cancellation of the drawing.
1-4:Redo Redo the drawing.
1-5:Reset To clear the drawing.
1-6:Paint Change the State of the pen.
1-6-1:Line Weight Change the line width.
1-6-2:Line Color Change the color of the line
2:List Display the history of the notes which you wrote in.
3:Reload Update the display of notes on the map (=Update the map)

(b)Navi Mode Mode for general navigation functions of the maps
1:Current Location Display the current location
2:Search Search an address and the place name with a text and display it
3:List Display the history of notes which you wrote in.Display the item on a map when you choose an item among lists.
4:Share Share functions.You can share a displayed map image.
4-1:Twitter Post it to twitter.
4-2:Facebook Post it to Facebook.
4-3:Mail Send a message by email.Because your device can memorize the capture of the map to clipboard, you can send an image by copy and paste.
4-4:Clipboard Copy the capture of the map in a clipboard.
4-5Library Save the map capture to your photo library.
5:Reload Update the display of notes on the map (=Update the map)

・If the device is not put the GPS on,this App acquires positional information from Wi-Fi.
So, the device cannot acquire the correct positional-information by the method connecting to the Internet which except the Wi-Fi connection.
・If your environment is such as bad weather or indoor,this App may not get GPS informations normally.
・In offline, there are functions that do not work correctly.
・This App works with iOS7 or later iOS version.

(C)Chaoscream Apps.

<About the handling of the user info>
Because you do not always collect all user info by our application, you can use the average where there is much dangerous application free and in peace.

[About Chaoscream Apps.]

It is the team to do their own due to the delivery of content creators and chaotic team. Have developed a content freely by the development of short-term events.