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FRMSc Sleep and Activity Diary

  • Health & Fitness
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This is an app for the collection of data provided by aircrew to describe their alertness, sleep and activity as part of a confidential and secure fatigue study. This app is designed to be used in conjunction with the SAFE predictive alertness model and for use with iPads only.

Users are requested to complete an initial data screen to describe pertinent characteristic of themselves before creating a series of duty period containing any number of consequential activities including sleep, check in, ground duties, simulation training, positioning, flights and check out. For each sleep or activity period, start and end times are required as well as other pieces of descriptive data such as final fatigue estimates, workload and environmental factors.

The data submitted is held in the app until an internet connection is made when the data is transferred to the defined SAFE instance on the FRMSc servers.