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Hapgood Lite

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Education
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Welcome to Hapgood Simulation, a mobile finite element (FEM) based physical simulation tool for iOS! In case you are unfamiliar with finite element simulation, simply put, FEM is a way to simulate physical systems by discretizing and then solving complex systems of equations that describe a particular physical phenomenon.

Engineers the world over use FEM as a tool in the design process to study the behavior of a component or physical system before it is manufactured or even prototyped. This saves both time and money during the often times iterative manufacturing process. Now you can use the same advanced design tool used in Industry and Academia for home projects, school projects, homework, or quick back-of-the envelope physics calculations!

Specifically, Hapgood Lite is an extended finite element (XFEM) based simulation tool. This free version of Hapgood Simulation features 3 different physics modules: 2D Plane Stress/Strain, 2D Thermal Stress, and 2D Heat transfer and includes a stationary (time-independent) solver.

Hapgood is easy to use, and can be thought of as a physics calculator. With Hapgood Lite problems in mechanics and heat transfer can be solved at your desk, in your classroom, in the field, on the manufacturing floor ... wherever you need to be. Whether you are an engineering or physics student, a professional engineer, an inventor, designer, or an aspiring hobbyist - Hapgood is the right tool for you.

This free version of Hapgood Lite is the prelude to Hapgood Simulation, which will include over 10 physics modules, and 5 different types of solvers!