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FlummoxVision™ — Watch Flummox and Friends on your iPad

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A smart, quirky show for smart, quirky kids! Flummox and Friends is ready to watch anytime via the magic of FlummoxVision™.

Watch the full-length pilot episode for free inside the app. FlummoxVision™ makes it fun and easy to watch your favorite videos from Flummox Labs. Purchase access to future episodes and shorts directly inside the app (requires parental authorization).

Flummox and Friends is an offbeat, live-action comedy that works to help kids navigate the social and emotional world.

Join Professor Gideon T. Flummox and his friends as they put their minds to work on inventions to help them understand the most perplexing scientific mystery of all: other people!

The show is designed with the help of experts in the field of social communication to engage and support kids (ages 6 to 12) experiencing social and emotional struggles, including kids with attention or sensory challenges, kids with an autism diagnosis, and kids considered “bright but quirky”.

The laughs are designed to entertain kids and families of all kinds.

Teachers and therapists can integrate episodes into their existing classroom activities or therapy sessions, with the use of built-in discussion prompts, and additional curriculum support via the Flummox and Friends website.

“This is the show quirky kids—and their parents—have been waiting for! Flummox and Friends will help them learn social smarts just like Sesame Street helps kids learn the ABCs.”
— Shannon Rosa, Senior Editor, The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

- Watch the pilot episode of Flummox and Friends, “The Party” (23 min.) for free (Learning goal: use your body, brain, and ideas to demonstrate that you’re “part of the group”)
- Purchase an additional short “The Alternate Method” (3 min.) for $2.99 (Learning goal: respond appropriately in conversations)
- A vintage mechanical look and feel, designed for fun when watching with a grownup or on one’s own
- Switch to “Select” to jump to a different scene, or a different video
- Switch to “Discuss” and see onscreen questions from the characters about social and emotional puzzles they’re solving in the moment
- Easily switch subtitles on and off
- Discussion prompts remain on the iPad while you send video to Apple TV via AirPlay. (Subtitles not currently available over AirPlay)
- Playback requires an internet connection

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Flummox Labs wants you to remain in control of your child’s online experiences, including your family’s privacy.

This app allows in-app purchasing. Parental authorization is required before any purchase. You can disable in-app purchasing within the app. Flummox Labs encourages parents to set restrictions on in-app purchases with the Parental Controls inside the Settings app, and not to share passwords with their children.

The FlummoxVision app DOES NOT:
- Collect, store, or share any personal information
- Link to external websites from within the app
- Include third-party advertising

For more details please review our privacy policy.