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Drum Rudiments!

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This app offers you the entire rundown, the daily warm up of each professional drummer, to listen to and play along. All rudiments are introduced separately and are played on the snare, one after another.

The entire rundown is available in tempo 54 bpm, 63 bpm, 74 bpm and 80 bpm. For practicing choose your own tempo between 20 to 240 bpm! Each rudiment is introduced individually, can be listened to and practiced. No midi junk! Snare played by German big hitter Andreas Breitwieser.

On 26 pages DRUM RUDIMENTS consists of:

▪ Rundown
▪ 5-stroke rev.
▪ 5-stroke
▪ 6-stroke rev.
▪ 6-stroke
▪ 7-stroke I
▪ 7-stroke II
▪ 9-stroke rev.
▪ 9-stroke
▪ 10-stroke rev.
▪ 10-stroke
▪ 11-stroke I
▪ 11-stroke II
▪ 13-stroke I
▪ 13-stroke II
▪ 15-stroke I
▪ 15-stroke II
▪ Paradiddle
▪ Double Paradiddle
▪ Flam
▪ Flam Tab
▪ Flam Accent
▪ Flamacue
▪ Flam Paradiddle
▪ Flam Paradiddle-diddle
▪ Drag (Ruff)
▪ Single Drag
▪ Double Drag
▪ Drag Paradiddle No 1
▪ Drag Paradiddle No 2
▪ Lesson 25
▪ Ratamacue
▪ Double Ratamacue
▪ Triple Ratamacue

This app combines, for the first time, functionality, arrangement and handling of all required features. Different media and hardware are no longer necessary. Optimized design for iPad in HD, with many useful additional features. After downloading, all features are available. Internet access is not required, except for social media-channels or wikipedia.


▪ optimized, auto-scrolling sheet music
▪ visual notes and beat guidance by cursor
▪ integrated tuner - easy to operate

▪ demo track mode to listen to
▪ play-alone practice mode

▪ acoustic metronome in three different sounds
▪ optical metronome
▪ combined acoustic and optical metronome
▪ selectable tempo between 20 and 240 bpm
▪ adjustable beginning of the practice tracks with open and direct choice of pace
▪ turn-off mode for count-in

▪ easy to handle TOC
▪ scroll-bar for quick browsing
▪ book mark option
▪ wikipedia links for additional information

▪ direct access to the artist ahead apps facebook profile and youtube channel
▪ direct access to your facebook / twitter account
▪ direct access to your email client
▪ direct access to your dropbox – share video- and sound-files with your teacher

Connect your iPad to your stereo or amp and off you go! Connecting to bigger monitors, projectors or whiteboard, for teaching purposes, is of course possible. Appropriate adapters are available in specialist shops.