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Portable version of Dmitri Mendeleev's periodic table of elements available for iPhone and iPad platforms. You can access to all table elements scrolling opportunely the view in all directions. Tapping on an element it will show in the upper part of the display the specific physical data of the selected element. The slider just under the selected element icon, allow you to select a temperature in the range [0 K, 6000K] and consequently see the physical state of the selected element changing [solid, liquid, gas or unknown].
The application also implement a chemical formula weight calculator. You need just to type the chemical formula in the text box and press "done" on the keyboard then the result of the calculation will be displayed. At today only expanded formulas are supported with no support for formulas with round or square brackets for grouping sub-molecules. The displayed spinning will allow you to select a chemical molecule from thousands already stored in the app itself and with automatic update of the weight.