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GO Kiki GO

iPhone / iPad
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Download it to support a good cause!
Addictive and very fun game play.
Game for the whole family. Kids and adults.
Awesome story.
Nice relaxing music.
Coming soon for other platforms.

Reason for this game:

I have made this game for 2 reasons. First was for my five year old daughter Alisha’s love for birds, and second to help and donate money to charities for good cause. This is how it all started. Our neighbor had a bird that my daughter loved playing with. She called the bird “Kiki”.

One day she opened the cage door, and the bird flew away. My neighbors were understandably upset but surprisingly my daughter was even more upset. When I asked her why she opened the cage, her answer was honest, simple and sincere. She said "Daddy, Kiki wanted to go home to his family, so I let him free". I thought about my daughters words and Kiki which inspired me to help wild-life and children. I created a game that represents the memory of Kiki and also a way to help children around the world and wild life by donating 10% of funds from the sales of the game.

The charities are listed at Currently we have two charities listed and down the line, we will add more to give everyone more choices. If you would kindly vote on what charities the proceeds should go to, I would really appreciate it. The most popular charity will get majority of the donation while the other charities will still receive a portion depending on the percentage of the votes. Our plan is to donate 10% of the sales every six months while the game is live on the app store.

Game Story:

Kiki was playing with his friends in the forest until someone came to trap him, and then captured him. They put him in a cage and took him away from his family. He has been in the bird cage for a very long time, and wants to go home so bad. He needs your help to open the cage door so he can be free, and fly home. With your help he can be set free and get back to his family and friends! Now what are you still thinking about? Go open the door and take him home. GO Kiki GO!


Open the cage, and set the bird free. Simply tap to fly up. Watch out for trees, try to go through them. Get as far away as possible to beat your last score. We have a lot more features for this game coming up soon.

We promise to keep developing the game to make it even better and bring even more exciting features to it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any suggestions to improve the game even further or to report any issues and bugs so we can work on them as quickly as possible. Thanks for your support for good cause.
Alisha and Family. :)