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AllergyLogic offers you practical solutions to help you manage your child's severe food allergies - comprehensive lifestyle checklists, customised personal lists, detailed allergen tables, ingredient substitutes, anaphylaxis 'signs & symptoms' and 'what-to-do' Infographs, a log of your personal medical action plans, and auto injectors reminders.

Prepare ahead of time for any event or life stage for your food allergic child. AllergyLogic lets you personalise each list as well as create your own, check off each point on every list and make notes as needed, upload all your medical action plans in the one place and share via email. The best thing about AllergyLogic is that you can easily manage all your child’s food allergy requirements at any time.

AllergyLogic opens the door to greater choice for your family. It’s simple, effective and easy to use.

The founders of AllergyLogic have extensive first-hand experience and understanding that is invaluable to anyone facing the daily challenges that food anaphylaxis presents. They understand that life doesn’t always run to clockwork, unexpected events happen to us all. Having AllergyLogic on hand allows you to efficiently communicate your child’s food allergy needs whenever you need to.

Share AllergyLogic with family, friends, preschool and school; give them the essential knowledge and help them understand how to manage food anaphylaxis.

Reassurance and confidence that your child can participate in any activity, safely – AllergyLogic is an invaluable resource to make that happen

Manage Daily Events – Comprehensive Checklists
AllergyLogic has extensive checklists to help guide you through key stages of your child’s life. Each list has been refined and put into practice many times, ensuring that you can confidently and systematically cover all considerations. All the checklists can also be customised to meet your family’s individual needs, helping you better manage your child’s food allergies/anaphylaxis. You can also create your own personal checklists!
The checklists are:
•clear, easy to follow and practical
•interactive, allowing you to check off completed tasks
•fully customisable

Most Common Food Allergens – Detailed Tables
AllergyLogic provides extensive allergen tables to help you make sense of ingredient labels – essential when shopping or when checking if any product is safe to use for your child.
The tables provide:
•detailed reference lists of alternate names for each of the nine most commonly occurring food allergens
•a comprehensive listing of products that may contain these allergens

Easily Adapt Any Recipes – Ingredient Substitutes
Using a recipe with Egg, Wheat or Milk products? AllergyLogic provides alternative ingredient options with great results – indispensable when adapting any recipe to meet your family’s requirements.

Anaphylaxis 101
Anaphylaxis explained and two concise infographs for easy reference outlining ‘Signs & Symptoms’ of an allergic reaction and a step-by-step ‘What-To-Do’ in the event of an allergic reaction.
Familiarise yourself with the information outlined in these infographs.

Medical Action Plans
Upload all your medical action plans for anaphylaxis, allergies and asthma.
Easily check review dates and identify each action plan by attaching your own photo image.
All your medical action plans conveniently logged in the one place and available to email as needed.

Auto-Injector Reminder
One less thing to worry about – AllergyLogic reminds you when your adrenaline devices need to be replaced. Record your EpiPen, TwinJect, Adrenaclick, Anapen, Jext, Allerject, Auvi-Q or any other epinephrine device.
Be notified automatically as each device nears its expiry date, allowing ample time for reordering.