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Tales of Peti

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Tales of Peti is a creativity app for kids. Unleash your child's creativity and let them tell a tale using more than 300 hand-drawn stickers.

Once upon a time, Peti and his friend Hedgehog woke up in a magical land of castles, dragons, princes and princesses. They decided to travel far away, to find an old lost friend. As their journey begins, they pass mountains and rivers, castles, and lakes full of monsters. They meet different people on the way, helping them create a new story every day. There's princes and princesses, helpful and kind. Then there's wizards and kings, slightly more wicked. And finally, there's wondrous creatures, such as friendly unicorns, and not so friendly dragons. I wonder who they will meet today...

Tales of Peti features a large collection of hand-drawn characters, building blocks and backgrounds:
● 10 different variations of Peti and the Hedgehog
● 19 backgrounds
● 48 scenery items, such as trees, rocks, clouds, lakes, rivers and dragons
● 42 different plants and animals: flowers, mushrooms, rabbits and unicorns
● 8 variations of princes/princesses, with 35 different accessories
● 104 different castle building blocks
● 9 king and wizard variations, with additional 27 accessories (potions, treasures, swords)

All together there's over 300 hand-drawn stickers, which you can drag, resize, rotate and position however you see fit to tell your tale. Hours of fun guaranteed!

How to use:
● Select one of the seven drawers: Backgrounds, Peti, Scenery, Plants/animals, Princeses, Castles, Wizards
● Drag a sticker from the drawer to the canvas
● Move stickers around by dragging them with your finger
● Resize using pinch gesture
● Rotate using two finger rotate gesture
● Bring a sticker to front by double-tapping it
● Move the entire scene by dragging the background
● Delete a sticker by dragging it to the trash can