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DIY Tutorial for the Design of Flower Baskets

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Do you want to live in a world full of romantic flowers?
Do you want to be a craftsman of DIY flower baskets?
Giving a basket of flower as the gift for festivals or other celebrations helps to create a joyous atmosphere and also show the giver’s sincerity.
We introduce the flower basket making on both grand feasts and small holidays, and classify them to dozens of categories according to different types of festival. With step-by-step illustration, this app is quite suitable for floral lovers.
Each design is with picture and step-by-step explanation; we explained the information about current popular flower baskets from the recognition of various flowers to the basic knowledge of floral arts, then to the making of floral works. You can easily learn the technique of flower arranging and flower basket making at home.

【Characteristics of the app】

Hundreds of exquisite photos of creative flower baskets
Exhibition of various DIY flower baskets
Step-by-step explanations of DIY congratulating flower baskets
The most complete interactive reading experience

【Customer reviews】

Containing the method of various small and medium-sized DIY flower baskets, it is fit for beginners.
--- Natasha
The colors match well. It seems quite comfortable at the first sight.
--- vivi1982
Following the steps in the app, I tried to make a basket of flowers. I failed! Try more times, and I’m confident of my success!
--- Lucy

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