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Calculator Kids - Parent Creative Advice to Kid + Animal Theme Collection

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- The first of its kind of education apps, which gives your kids a new learning style!

- Designed with advice integration, this app gives you the best solution to replace the traditional calculator for your kids.

- If you want your kids to spend more time learning math, you owe it to yourself to download this app.

Calculator Kids is number one favorite calculator app for kids. It is a multifunctional app that is beautifully designed and has the basic calculator functions added with advice integration. This app allows you, as parents, to give meaningful words of advice to help shaping the kid’s mind, while they have fun learning the math. It all starts with one simple and small step. By downloading this app and consistently giving good advices to your kids, you have made one important step in shaping your kid’s mindset for a brighter future, and the better person.

Besides providing useful and creative tool for parents to give advices to kids, it also motivates the kids more in learning math. Imagine your kids being spoiled with 50+ beautifully designed themes of their favorite characters on their calculators? They can’t be more motivated, can they?

Key Features:

- Calculator Functionality

The calculator kids is designed for kid’s purpose, thus we keep the functionality of the calculator as basic and simple as possible.

- Advice-Giver

As we are aware of the busy schedule and time constraints of some parents, we have developed the function of ‘Advice-Giver’, which enables them to input the words of advice as they like, and deliver the message to the kids, whenever they use the calculator.

- 50+ themes available

We provide more than 50+ beautifully designed characters to make kids excited to use the app. The character is based on their favorite, which also enable kids to learn more about their character's name.

It consist of almost all their favorite characters from the category of "Collection of Cutest Animals", "Collection of Wildlife Animals", "Collection of Rainforest Animals", "Collection of Bird Animals", "Collection of Sea Animals", to "Collection of Dinosaurs".

- Automatic Random Advice

By setting the ‘Random Advice’ ON, the app allows the change of advices automatically. Alternatively, you can also turn the ‘Random Advice’ OFF to stick with a particular advice depending on your preference.

- Automatic Random Themes

Similarly to the ‘Random Advice’ feature, ‘Random Theme’ is created to allow the change of themes automatically.

- ‘Passcode’ and 'Advice Quote' page

With this 'Passcode' features, you can prevent anyone from accessing the 'Advice Quote' page and make amendments to the list of advices in your 'Advice Quote' page.

- Share Your Advice with us

We encourage parents from all over the world to share with us your valuable advices through social media. Feel free to share your creative, cute, funny, and adorable advices to let other parents to enjoy and get inspired as well!

Yeah, this app is pretty cool. Download Calculator Kids now, and enjoy the benefits!

If you have any suggestion or comment on our app, feel free to drop us a message at