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Relephant - to do list and notes made easy

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For too long, there has been an elephant in the room regarding to-do list apps - they are unnecessarily complicated! Here to fix this for you is:

Relephant - the simplest todo list app!!


Relephant is the to do list app that perfectly keeps track of all your tasks and little notes and does nothing else. Let the elephants remember it for you!

**The greatest to do list app ever seen. Literally mind blowing!** - one of our mates

**I can't believe these elephants have been trained to do one thing so well** - fictional elephant trainer

**I wish I could have a much more complicated to-do list app** - nobody


As experienced elepho-technologists, we believe that elephant based technologies, whilst implemented across a wide spectrum, are generally failing to focus on the core strength of elephants - their ability to remember things.

After consultations with zoologists across the globe and a decade in the field, we have done away with ALL app features deemed irrelephant and have arrived at a point where our app has only the most relephant feature - the ability to write and remember those things that were written.

No other features are necessary in the pursuit of remembering what you will do on a given day. In fact they are deemed to get in the way and make forgetting things more likely. A fact that other, elephant-based note taking and notebook apps fall foul of.

With Relephant, we believe we have now succeeded in implementing the core mantra, trumpeted across the epochs by all true elephants - "Never Forget".

(image credit - Chris Hildenbrand)