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iPhone / iPad
  • Social Networking
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6D is a social messenger for you and your friends to share photos, videos, text and talk in a controlled environment. You can invite, block and delete anyone at anytime, and your personal padlock let's you decide if your friends are allowed to save your moments, or the content will disappear.

First up, check your dashboard for new messages and respond in order.
padlock: if your icon is set to red, your friends can keep the content you send them, or if the icon is black, the content will disapp/Users/jipei/Downloads/Basecamp Download/Iphone6_Screen01.pngear in ten seconds.
PHOTO: this section has multiple effects and tricks to include for the amusement of friends and family.
VIDEO: you can film and send video, and you can also receive video from friends too.
TEXT: text is always a great way to communicate without fuss.
TALK: you can send and receive audio messages among your friends.
All the above functions have the same PADLOCK options that allow your friends to save them, or they will self delete.