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Knowji AWL+ Lite (Academic Word List)

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Knowji makes the highest quality and most effective vocabulary apps in the App Store. You won't believe how quickly you'll learn! Knowji AWL+ is Common Core aligned.*

The AWL (Academic Word List) was developed by Averil Coxhead at the world renowned School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria Univ. of Wellington, New Zealand. The list of words were selected because they appear with great frequency in a broad range of academic texts.

This app teaches you 1100 academic words that all students, particularly ELL learners, need to know in an academic environment.

"I wish I had Knowji when I was learning English and applying to American Universities. I now use Knowji's advanced vocab apps. I love them!" Tao Long, Stanford University Ph.D.

"I used this app with my ELL students - they LOVED it! If you're looking for an app that will motivate your students, then you have found it!" Denise Waite, MS, CCC-SLP, Bayside High School, Florida

"I couldn’t recommend Knowji's apps more highly to anybody.. It’s about half the price of carrying around bulky vocab cards! It’s a must-have." Brent Warner, TOEFL and ELL Educator, Blogger of

Our built-in MEMORY COACH uses scientifically proven methods to ensure that you'll learn and remember hundreds of words quickly and easily. Our team of content creators, including Stanford University graduates and Ph.Ds, spent years developing rich, engaging content so that you won't just memorize words, you'll really understand them!

Knowji offers the richest set of content and the most effective technology to help you learn and remember. When evaluating other apps, ask yourself if they offer you what Knowji offers you:

- Image: A beautiful custom image for every word.
- Audio pronunciation
- Example sentence(s): Many words have multiple example sentences to teach you the various ways you can use the words.
- Collocations: Use words you’ve learned with collocation information (ex: important factor; risk factor; number of factors)
- Synonyms (ex: weak -> frail, feeble, scrawny)
- Antonyms (ex: forbid -> allow)
- Word family (ex: assist, assistant, assistance, assistive)
- Verb tenses (ex: go, went, going, gone -irregular)
- Adjective comparatives & superlatives (ex: strong, stronger, strongest)
- Nouns (singular & plural forms ex: book, books/fish, fish)
- Many roots and affixes (ex: react = re(back, again) + act(stem))

- Spaced Repetition: A scientifically proven method for optimal memory retention. The app keeps track of how well you've learned a word, and presents challenging words more frequently than others. It even suggests a time when you should drill again before you forget the words.
- 4 Learning Modes: Passive & active recall (including spelling), receptive & productive learning.
- Quiz: Quiz yourself in multiple modes anytime.
- Accent Reduction & Proper Pronunciation: Record your own voice and compare it with Knowji’s voice.
- Goal Setting: Specify how many new words you want to learn per day, or set a target completion date.
- Search: Look up words by word, definition or example sentence.
- Favorite a word so you can quickly reference the word later.
- Do Not Learn: No more wasted time learning words you already know.
- Progress Tracker: See how many words you've learned and how well you know them.
- Status Report: Parents and teachers can track a child's learning progress.

*CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.4.4a, L.4.4b, L.4.4c, L.4.5c, L.8.4a, L.8.4b, L.8.4c, L.8.4d

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